Do I Need A Trade Account To Shop With Multicell?

We supply to both trade and retail customers, so it is not compulsory to own a trade account to shop with us. However, we do not sell online, so please contact us to place your order/ inquire trade and retail battery prices.

To open a trade account, please call us at 01455 283443 or fill in this form.

Do You Deliver Batteries?


UK: We offer free, next day delivery within our local delivery areas. View our delivery area map here to see if we deliver to your area.

International: We supply some products including our custom battery packs worldwide – Please contact us for more information.

How Do I Order?

We do not sell online.

Please call us at 01455 283443 or fill in this form to place your order/ inquire trade and retail battery prices.

How Do I Pick The Right Battery?

Need help to decide which battery type or which brand to pick? Our battery specialists are here to advice: 01455 283443


Do You Offer Battery Disposal Service?

Yes. We offer a disposal service on any old batteries when buying new for any customer on a like for like basis. Please contact us to arrange.


Health & Safety Information For The Handling Of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

The Sealed Lead Acid batteries supplied by Multicell International Ltd are totally sealed therefore do not present a hazard in the context of the COSHH regulations. Provided these batteries are not subject to physical or electrical abuse they are safe to use and will not present any health hazards.

We recommend the following precautions:-

Due to the weight of these batteries, the correct lifting procedure should be followed.

Under severe overcharge Hydrogen gas may be vented, this may form an explosive mixture with air if the concentration exceeds 3.8% by volume. Ensure adequate ventilation and correct charging.

Physical Damage
The batteries contain Sulphuric Acid which is held in suspension and will not normally flow if the case is damaged. In the unlikely event of coming into contact with the acid flush immediately with water. If the acid comes into contact with the eyes flush with large amounts of water and seek medical attention immediately.

The battery terminals on larger cells contain lead. After handling the terminals on any battery wash hands with soap and water.

Short Circuit
Batteries contain a large amount of energy. Do not short circuit the battery even if it appears empty. When fitting batteries we recommend the use of insulated tools, especially spanners.

Most local councils will accept Sealed Lead Acid batteries for disposal; they are treated as car batteries. Again ensure the battery terminals are insulated to prevent short circuits.

All sealed lead acid batteries are unregulated by DOT for transportation by truck, rail, ocean and air transportation because they meet the requirements of 49 CFR 173.159 (d).

The only transport requirements are:
1. The battery must be securely packaged in such a way to prevent the possibility of short-circuiting.
2. The battery and outermost packaging must be labelled NONSPILLABLE or NONSPILLABLE BATTERY.
All of our lead-acid batteries are unregulated for air transportation because they meet the requirements of Special Provision A67 as promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). They also meet the vibration and Pressure Differential Tests of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) regulations.

Other Recognised Standards:
The quality systems have been recognised and registered by the Quality Assurance Corporate Registration System as conforming with ISO9001
JIS (Japan Industrial Standards)
Our sealed lead acid batteries comply with JIS C 8702.
UL Recognition

Our SLA batteries fall into UL 1989 (standby Batteries). UL 1989 requires that the battery is free from the hazard of bursting, that is, when the battery is overcharged the vent valve opens to release the internal pressure.