Bespoke Battery Packs

Our in-house team design and build battery packs for various applications. We work with a range of cell technologies and reputable brands to provide reliable power sources, even in the most challenging environments.

We Manufacture Custom Battery Packs Using Industry-Leading Cells.

  • High-Quality Cells
  • Reliable Lead Times
  • Designed and manufactured to your bespoke power requirement

We’ve manufactured cells for use in the most testing and harsh environments. Our in-house technicians are always available to discuss your project and provide technical solutions.

All our design activities are monitored and controlled through ourĀ ISO ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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Our in-house technicians work with you to understand your bespoke power requirements.


Our specialist team produce all our bespoke battery packs in our UK workshop. We’re ISO 9001 certified. All our custom-built battery packs are built to the highest safety and quality standards.


All our battery packs are rigorously tested. Your power supply is often critical, so we ensure your custom-built batteries pass the highest testing and quality standards.

Bespoke Battery Packs
for a range of Industries and Applications

We use cells from industry leading manufacturers in our bespoke battery packs